GHK Media Group Sign With KMG For “Love Only” Representation

GHK Media Group, LTD signs with Kinetic Media Group for representation in business development and marketing of GHK’s feature title “Love Only” to the global distribution market.

“Love Only” is a Chinese romantic-comedy movie viewed and told by the perspective view of “Kaka” (alien) about love and friendship between a young man and woman. In the movie, Korea’s BIGBANG member Seungri plays a marketing director who grew up in Europe, with Taiwanese star Haden Kuo starring as his love interest. The movie was shot in various locations around the world, including Beijing, Hong Kong, France, England, and Saipan.

Seungri (Best known as member of korean boyband BIGBANG)
Instagram: 7.4 million followers | Facebook: 2.3 million followers | Weibo: 4.6 million followers
Bea Hayden Kuo (Best known in Tiny Times Series)
Instagram: 300K followers | Weibo: 16 million followers
Sean Zhang (Best known in Come Across Love)
Instagram: 120K followers | Weibo: 24 million followers
Michelle Bai (Best known in Kung Fu Killer)
Weibo: 4 million followers
Lee Hyun-jae (Best known in Tiny Times Series)
Zoe Xiaonan Li

Cinematographer: Christopher Doyle (Award Winning Cinematographer)
Director: Charine Chan (Best known in Lung Fung Restaurant)
Production: GHK Media Group, LTD. (France & Hong Kong)
Genre: Comedy-Romance/Fantasy/MV Style
Year of Production: 2018
Released Territory: Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam
Country of Origin: Hong Kong China
Duration: 92 minutes
Worldwide Distribution Availability:
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