Helen Castillo on Project Runway All-Stars Season 4

SUPER EXCITED to see designer HELEN CASTILLO on this season of Project Runway All-Stars (Season 4), as she brings her A-game to the program with creativity, energy and passion to win. Here is an excerpt from Lifetime Project Runway All-Stars website:

Bring us up to speed! What have you been up to since your time on “Project Runway”?
I dressed Mary Lambert for the 54th Annual Grammy awards, red carpet and performance gowns, showed at El Paseo Fashion Week 2014 with Michael Costello, Viktor Luna, Uli Heltzer, Ari South, and Irina Shebayeva, attended numerous college fashion shows as a mentor and speaker. and did costume design and mentoring at Union City High School.

What do you think you are best remembered for from your season?
Keeping it real and being great with garment fit.

After being on the show, what “Project Runway” challenges do you think are the best and worst of all time?
The best challenge hands down would have to be the Carnival Coney Island challenge in Season 12—that challenge launched my lifelong best friendship with Kate! The worst challenge would have to be any teams that are clearing paired together for the sake of drama. I’ve been lucky enough to have great teams amongst my season, but otherwise people are crazy and more often than not don’t know how to work with each other’s strengths.

How has your design aesthetic changed since your time on the show, if at all?
I have definitely developed a better comfort with working away from the body with my garments—not everything has to be skin-tight, and I am really starting to love the new silhouettes I’ve been developing.

What makes you All-Star material?
I know I’m capable of winning and this opportunity with “All Stars” Is to pull out all the big guns and serve some serious impactful designs. I feel totally ready and experienced now, I know what to expect and how to better prepare myself for the win.

Watch HELEN CASTILLO on Lifetime Project Runway All-Stars – Thursday at 9/8c

We are excited to work with HELEN CASTILLO on her new venture – keep an eye out on HELEN CASTILLO’s creation!!!

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