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K!ND magazine is a fashion, trend and entertainment magazine that focuses on creative photoshoots of celebrities, trendsetters and influencers.

Each issue we invite different celebrities; stars with attitude and individuality. After the planning, we produce cutting edge photoshoots, exclusive interviews and reports on the artists’ fashion ideas and their life stories; bringing entertainment hot topics to the public view in the form of new media .

K!ND magazine represents an unconventional attitude, which is also the fashion definition we strive for.

K!ND magazine aims to lead the young generation’s perception of fashion trends, redefine the concept of media, become an inseparable driving force between the brand and the media; the brand and the celebrities, defining beauty and lending it’s respective voice for fashion!

K!ND Magazine Collection

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K!ND x Paris Fashion Week

Anthony V. Cao – Head of VIP + Talent Liaison